About Us

        Yun Teng a group of professional team dedicated to ribbon development and production of materials, as to reach the sophisticated and fashionable. The innovative research team, adding new elements and combinations of materials; it is hoped to make ribbon packaging art is much more rich and diversified. And your support and cooperation so that the rhyme Proton team has upward momentum, to provide more diverse, fast and innovative packaging materials. The team sincerely hope that this site (platform) will give you the feeling of value for money.

Yun Teng professional manufacturing all kinds of PP foam ribbons, raw material width up to 1020MM; also be cut into various sizes and specifications. Can also be manufactured according to customer specific needs of customized products; to meet the needs of different industries. Our product is suitable for a wide spectrum, including gifts, floral, fruit, plants, packaging, and so everyday life ... ....

Our products are:
Pearl belt, plain ribbons, embossed tape, printing belt, gold belt, write with, fit with, Rainbow film tape, laser tape. Hand Butterfly flower, Peng Peng Hand Flower (Hong Kong pull flowers), star flower, waterfall flowers (curly flower), Chrysanthemum .... Coil, rugby, raffia, paper rope, packaging printing paper, all kinds of floral combinations. ... Welcome customers to visit and advise manufacturers ... .. Now ~ ~ You are invited to understand the beauty of packaging materials Point of access to this website will give you more information-rich ribbon packaging